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About us

Residences Services

Our services for residences are free for proper pharmaceutical care for the elderly.

These services include pharmaceutical activities mainly three objectives:

Reduce tasks residential staff.

Facilitate the results marked by the physician are achieved.

Pharmacists have confidence to inquiries and questions on treatments.

Pharmacotherapy following


If residency sees right medication for each resident can be served monthly packaged individually in SIDD (Individualized Dosing and Dispensing System) according to the guidelines prescribed by the physician and/or specialist.


Pharmaceutical control and rational use of medicines.

Pharmaceutical Care

Monitoring of pharmacological treatments of patients using tabs with record of all medications dispensed and prescribed. We pay special attention to detect interactions and potential adverse effects.

Pharmaceutical Control and Security

Advice and information on the medicine

The staff of the residence have a phone directly served by a pharmacist from 8.00 to 21.30 every day including Sundays and holidays, and at least one mobile phone for emergencies.

Monthly review of the medicine cabinet of the residence

We check every month your kit to ensure optimal preservation of medication and avoid unnecessary accumulation of drugs (Re-use), forfeitures, etc.

Patient Privacy

All personal data are treated according Patient Protection Act data with absolute confidentiality.

Total transparency in the treatment and services

Are you familiar, family doctor, medical specialist or keeper of any of the people who are cared for in nursing homes, in which we provide our services you can access (if authorized) to the data that we have, and check treatment and give us your suggestions.