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Plus Memor Sotya 20 vials.

Plus Memor Sotya 20 vials. Applications Recommended Memorplus vials in the following cases: • Students in times of stress (exams). • Older age. • Restrictive dieting. • Loss of memory. Properties: First, royal jelly is the most nutritious...
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Plus Memor Sotya 20 vials. Applications Recommended Memorplus vials in the following cases: • Students in times of stress (exams). • Older age. • Restrictive dieting. • Loss of memory. Properties: First, royal jelly is the most nutritious natural substance produced by bees exclusively for the larvae to become queen bees. It contains many nutrients that make it a wonderful tonic, such as: proteins, minerals (calcium, iron), trace elements (potassium, copper, phosphorus, silicon), and vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex Royal jelly acts as a stimulant of the body at various levels. On the one hand, thanks to its nutrient composition, increasing physical and intellectual capacity, combats anemia. On the other hand, improved defenses against viral and bacterial attacks, and also improves the states of depression and apathy. The second ingredient, phosphatidylserine, is a special kind of fatty substance used by the body to, among other things, maintain the health of nerve cells. Brain cells contain a large amount of this substance, especially in the cell membrane, but its concentration decreases with age. Considering that the cell membrane has important functions ranging from regulating substances into and out of the cell and the internal composition of these we can begin to suspect that phosphatidylserine is of great importance for the activity of the brain. Studies show a significant improvement in memory in people who have been supplied cabode phosphatidylserine at a few weeks. The improvement was greater in those who prior to the major problems confronting study of memory and in the persons of sixty or more years old. Another study conducted in Italy showed that phosphatidylserine in doses similar to those used in the previous study may help older people suffering from memory loss from moderate to severe. Choline is a substance in the cells of mammalian tissues. Especially important is its role in the central nervous system being a structural component of the sfingomielina and neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Choline supplements have been shown to increase acetylcholine nieveles, improving mental performance. The fourth component, inositol, a polyol derived from glucose. It is found in cell membranes as chemical messenger. In several studies have found that inositol supplements significantly reduced depression and apathy, and increase responsiveness. Taurine is an amino acid naturally present in the body. Taurine differs from most other amino acids, which are not incorporated into proteins, but is in free state, in muscle, platelets, and in the developing nervous system. Taurine serves as a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger in the nervous system), a regulator of salt and water balance within the cells and a stabilizer of cell membranes. The most important function of taurine, is to stabilize nerve cell membranes. If the cell membrane is electrically unstable, the nerve cell can trigger too fast and erratically, which can cause some forms of epilepsy, or may not transmit nerve impulses, which trigger memory loss, among other things. Taurine supplementation is necessary when the supply of cysteine is not adequate (dietary restrictions) or increased the need (exams, accelerated growth, advanced age). Finally, we have built a multivitamin to avoid nutritional deficiencies in times when nutrient requirements increase, for example, during times of stress both mentally and physically. Presentation: In packages of 20 vials of 10ml.

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