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EnergyVet Fytovet 100ml

The range of food supplements Ener-gyvet ® is one hundred percent natural and serves to support the regenerative treatment with major preprados Pentagram ®.

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It comprises a biological colloid solution with more than 64 natural elements with an absorption rate of up to 98%. It contains a lot of chemicals in the most natural way and more useable for living organism in the form of colloids. The advantage of the colloids is their ability to be absorbed in digestive anywhere and even through the skin. Fytovet is excellent when certain minerals lacking in the diet, inflammation and other conditions that affect the digestive system preventing the absorption of certain harmful minerals.

In reptiles, it is advisable to use at the time of change of the skin. In birds when moulting is weak or abnormal. In birds and reptiles, can be used as a mineral supplement in the period of laying eggs. In all animal species functions as an auxiliary antidote-antivenom serum-when poisoning poisoning. Fytovet is very good for the animals in gestation or lactation. It also applies for diabetes, dysfunction you steroids and a number of other hormonal or enzymatic deficiencies.

Ingredients: 100% mineral water (colloidal solution).

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