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Elixir No 2 yin liver (tooth lion) (sedative, digestive) 50ml

Elixir Energetica No. 2 YIN liver AL dandelion (Spring) (sedatives and Digest). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of liver and gallbladder when tend to excess energy (energy plethora of liver). The liver and gallbladder...
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Elixir Energetica No. 2 YIN liver AL dandelion (Spring) (sedatives and Digest). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of liver and gallbladder when tend to excess energy (energy plethora of liver). The liver and gallbladder belong to the element Wood, in correspondence with the Spring, according to the ERM. MEMBERSHIP: Excerpt from dandelion, aromatic excipients which are among the trigger (wild pepper) ... CONSTITUTION physical: Subject tonic. Complexion with good color, blushes easily. Hands well supplied, knots, striated, sometimes with long fingers. Skin with good color and even red. Temperament associations: The subject is angry and enthusiastic. Would be at the forefront of a group does not like it go unnoticed. It is authoritarian and assumes the role of "leader" as it likes to be noted, or simply because it is impetuous and is unable to "still be quiet." Always in a hurry because he feared not arriving on time. Momentum, making decisions quickly and act immediately and vigorously. Often embarks on too many tasks and you can not always blame the finish what they start. Another possibility is that the subject is a "nervous easily excitable," agitated, parlanchín and little action. Fantasia, artist, in need of distractions, entertainment, and with a tendency to embellish reality. It wants to draw attention to it and uses seduction. When the hand is not for the "kind temperament," we face a double constitution. You may then choose the elixir according to temperament or combine two dominant elixirs. Diseases excess Energie liver: - Allergies (food, sun, insects, pollen, industrial products, drugs) that are manifested in many forms: eczema, polinosis, asthma, conjunctivitis, edema Quincke. - Migraine headaches and the occipital region or front, mainly caused by alcohol, rich foods, contrariedades, wind, the rules on women ... - Digestive Disorders (liver crisis, calculations in the gallbladder, colitis crisis prevailing in the right side, constipation, hemorrhoids). Tachycardia-hypertensive and outbreaks caused by anxiety. - Gynecological disorders (rules for excess foliculina painful, painful swollen breasts, fibrous tissue). - Thyroid disorders (excitability with thyroid slimming, the trend goiter). Even, sometimes there are real cases of hyperthyroidism. - Eye Disorders: sensitive eyes, conjunctivitis virus, herpes, myopia. - Irritability, nervousness caused mostly by wind. - Weakness in front of the hepatitis viruses. YIN'S ACTION elixir of the liver: According to the laws of energy and acupuncture disperse yang of the liver and helps invigorate yin: - Calmar excess energy of the liver and gallbladder and facilitate digestion, relieve congestion and facilitate blood circulation vein. - To appease the organs, relax muscles, calm the spirit and encourage a good night's sleep. - Decongest the blood of the eyes and head (headache and red eyes). - Improve the hypersensitivity of eyes and nose. - Drain toxins from the blood, facilitating the removal, purify the skin and strengthen nails. POSOLOGIA: Take 20 drops in the morning and at night, outside meals, in half a glass of water, keeping them instantly in the mouth before swallowing if possible. It may be necessary one second elixir when its constitution is double, or if he wishes to improve some temporary weakness. If we have chosen two elixirs take 10 drops of each, making the same, in the morning and evening. PRESENTATION: Pack of 50 ml. ELIXIR Energy: Discovers his temperament and balance their health through elixirs of Plantar dynamization. The energy elixirs, 100% natural, are made based on extracts from wild plants or organic farming. Their wonderful properties have been strengthened after maceration in three complementary ways. They have been made after a thorough study of plants and their ancient virtues taking into account their energy powers as traditional medicine china. The elixirs energy acting on the bodies through the acupuncture meridians and, thanks to the development process, acting on subtle levels. The combination of china and Western psychology to define ten profiles. Among them you. You can choose which are appropriate and determine the elixir that best suits their personality and their "weaknesses". Each elixir is related to one of the five elements and a station as medicine china, but these correspondences must be taken in a symbolic sense as, for example, an elixir of spring can be taken at any station. Each station elixirs to two: one "yang" and another stimulant "yin" sedative. There are ten elixirs.

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