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Elixir No 8 lung yin (eucalyptus) (decongestion, purified) 50 ml

Elixir Energetica No. 8 YIN lung AL eucalyptus (autumn) (decongestants and purification). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of Lung and large intestine when they have a tendency to excess energy. The Lung and large intestine...
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Elixir Energetica No. 8 YIN lung AL eucalyptus (autumn) (decongestants and purification). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of Lung and large intestine when they have a tendency to excess energy. The Lung and large intestine belong to the Metal element, which corresponds to Fall as the ERM. MEMBERSHIP: Excerpt from Eucalyptus, excipients aromatic among which the bilberries, birch ... CONSTITUTION physical: Shipping tonic, harmonious, sober, elegant. The complexion is balanced or red and often with age becomes colored brick. It may also be brunette, tanned or golden. Hands long, inflexible or ganchudas, fingers zigzag. Temperament associations: From flemático character. It is effective and works methodically and with constancy. In constant humor, generally impassive, makes the criticisms with humor that more aggressiveness. It is objective and rarely angry. Analyzes without passion. Resolves cold blood with their problems posed one by one, so mathematically. When the hand is not for the "kind temperament," we face a double constitution. You may then choose the elixir according to temperament or combine two dominant elixirs. Energie diseases excess lung: Too much energy Lung may have several causes: a vacuum energy yin, a poor diet or aggression climate. The demonstrations are: - Dry cough and irritation. - Cough associated with sticky secretions. Sinusitis-front etmoidal or jaw. - Caparros. - Certain purulentas gingivitis. - Dental caries aggravated by the consumption of sugar, sugar-sweetened beverages, alcohol. - Periarthritis shoulder. - Epicondilitis. - Rheumatism in the wrist. - Acute or chronic bronchitis, fever and strong thirst. - Acne. - Skin abscesses. - Furuncular. Dermatosis-aggravated by excessive food (especially fats, sugar, alcohol and hot and spicy food). - Hypertension. - Angina pectoris. - Accidents heartbeat. Dry-colitis and irritable. - Constipation. - Gastritis. - Ulcers. Cystitis-by colibacilar, with acute fever. - Diabetes. YIN'S ACTION elixir lung: According to the laws of energy and acupuncture, disperse yang Lung and large intestine and stimulate yin Lung contributes to: Combat-congested state. - To facilitate the removal of body functions. - Facilitate purifying action. - Purify and drain the skin. - Fighting benign lung weaknesses of the summer season or those caused by a warm atmosphere. POSOLOGIA: Take 20 drops in the morning and at night, outside meals, in half a glass of water, keeping them instantly in the mouth before swallowing if possible. It may be necessary one second elixir when its constitution is double, or if he wishes to improve some temporary weakness. If we have chosen two elixirs take 10 drops of each, making the same, in the morning and evening. PRESENTATION: Pack of 50 ml. ELIXIR Energy: Discovers his temperament and balance their health through elixirs of Plantar dynamization. The energy elixirs, 100% natural, are made based on extracts from wild plants or organic farming. Their wonderful properties have been strengthened after maceration in three complementary ways. They have been made after a thorough study of plants and their ancient virtues taking into account their energy powers as traditional medicine china. The elixirs energy acting on the bodies through the acupuncture meridians and, thanks to the development process, acting on subtle levels. The combination of china and Western psychology to define ten profiles. Among them you. You can choose which are appropriate and determine the elixir that best suits their personality and their "weaknesses". Each elixir is related to one of the five elements and a station as medicine china, but these correspondences must be taken in a symbolic sense as, for example, an elixir of spring can be taken at any station. Each station elixirs to two: one "yang" and another stimulant "yin" sedative. There are ten elixirs.

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