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100% Natural Fito C (vitamin C) 90 capsules

Synergy product range . An innovative solution to provide micronutrients without disrupting the synergy of the food matrix.

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Each vitamin , mineral or any other nutrient , involves a series of interactions with enzymes, cofactors and other nutrients to ensure optimal physiological activity in the body. Organic forms of vitamins and minerals easily assimilated and combined with plants, vegetables , fruits and / or sprouted grains ( alfalfa sprouts , broccoli , quinoa , amaranth, soybean sprouts , etc. . ), All 100 % organic , fresh and lyophilized.

Camu camu and Acerola are two tropical fruits that stand out for the large amount of vitamin C containing , allowing the development of a product 100% natural , with sufficiently high doses of vitamin C. The bioavailability of vitamin Natural C ( as in FitoC - Vitamin C ) is greater than that of vitamin C isolated , synthetic . This high bioavailability is also due to the fact that in the matrix of the food, the vitamin C is surrounded by bioflavonoids .

FitoC belongs to the smart array of nutrients , Synergy: Vitamin C from whole foods , surrounded by natural cofactors , enzymes and phytonutrients important for maximum absorption and maximum physiological functioning.

Vitamin C helps :
• A improved absorption of iron.
• In normal operation of the immune system.
• To protect cells against oxidative stress.
• To reduce the feeling of fatigue.
• At normal psychological functioning .
• A collagen formation , by regulating the functioning of blood vessels , teeth and gums as well as bone , cartilage and skin .

FitoC : A form of Vitamin C that the body assimilates easily.

Recommended daily dose :
1-2 capsules daily or as recommended by an expert.
1 capsule : maintenance dose
2 capsules : booster

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