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About us

Things we do in social networks

We have moved our usual conversations counter to social networks. Now you can follow us from home, cafe or from the bus stop. You can talk, ask or enrich the conversation with your experience, we have recovered the old space of conversation with the pharmacist, who had been losing a long time because, as in many aspects of life, we change and evolve.
Below you will find a summary of all of our social profiles, each with their particular characteristics, but with the sole purpose of listening and keep learning from our customers: our oxytocin's the your participation.


This is our space for dialogue. Here are our comments on current and health-related issues and recommendations. Hope you like it, share us and that currents. Also, if you like writing, this is your space.

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On Twitter we share information everyday, instant news, almost always related to the health sector. We also share health alerts and we are followers of the mainstream media in the country and the major health social organizations.

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Google plus

With Google+ (googleplus), you can find real-time information from our pharmacy, our publications, our location to set up your route married you want visit our physical store in Barcelona.

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In Pinterest we dream...In this network we spent a little bit of time to dream. You'll find vintage boards, the true soul of our brands, inspiring landscapes and reasons for travel.

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On Flickr you'll find photos of our events, workshops, conferences and many of our products.

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On Youtube you will find pharmaceutical tips, recommendations about how to use a product or how to find the specific product for your needs. Many of our videos have been formulated from questions sent to us by our customers outside of Barcelona. If you want to stay up to date, subscribe and get all our video updates in your inbox.

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We are also pinpointed with Foursquare helping you to know our geographical position and to read the comments of those who have been in our physical store. If you're shopping on the Paseo de Gracia, we invite you to visit us to check in and tell your friends all the gifts that we have prepared for every tip you leave us.

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If you like more detailed content, tips to target, re-read or send to friends, this is your place. In our blog we publish articles on health, wellness, family, travel, healthy recipes ... The articles are developed by our own personal computer or psychologists, partners or contributors doctors.

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