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Vaginal Cones Ladysystem

Female Muscular Therapy LadySystem ® Maintain proper pelvic floor muscles is critical to the health and quality of life of women. What is LadySystem ®? LadySystem ® is a system weight of vaginal weights that are increasing...
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Female Muscular Therapy LadySystem ® Maintain proper pelvic floor muscles is critical to the health and quality of life of women. What is LadySystem ®? LadySystem ® is a system of growing importance vaginal weights that are inserted into the vagina and held in place without effort, because of the automatic reflex action of the muscles of the pelvic floor. This action provides an internal physical therapy that quickly restores the strength of the muscles. The weights should be used for 15 minutes twice daily. The improvement is starting to show at 2-3 weeks and most women will have solved your problem after three months of use. Therapy Lady System vaginal cones is indicated primarily for the treatment of urinary incontinence (caused by coughing, laughing, sneezing, exercising, etc.). Nonsurgically and preventive therapy after delivery. It also allows better sex. Lady System is achieved with exercise and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis inducing passive and unaware of the same contraction. This safe, simple and unobtrusive manner, the muscles of the pelvic floor gets lost strength within six weeks and three months, depending on the initial severity. Lady System consists of five vaginal cones of equal size and anatomical shape cylindrical-conical, but of increasing weight (from 4.9 55 g.) which, when introduced into the vagina, causing the muscles of the pelvic floor smooth reflecting spontaneous contraction, due to its natural tendency to fall. Progressive weight gain can regain strength and tone of the pelvic frame, sending incontinence. For best results, experts recommend women start therapy with cone that can retain involuntarily standing or walking fifteen minutes, twice daily for fourteen days. Within two weeks, you should switch to the next higher weight cone. Thus, the process is maintained until the last cone. How are they used? Insert the cone number 1 in the vagina like a tampon, with the narrow tip and thread down. If retained without effort and standing or walking, try the following and subsequent years, up to the highest weight can be retained, with the therapy will begin. Hold the cone for 15 minutes twice a day, walking or standing. Although the average length of treatment is usually 3 months, it starts to feel better in 2 or 3 weeks. When you start working with cones or when going to one of greater weight, is usually required to retain a voluntary contraction. After 2 or 3 days it becomes a spontaneous reflection of retention. Empty the vegija before using the cone. Remove it if you need to go during use and then reinsert it. If you haveretention difficulties to move to a higher weight, hold it for five minutes each day, while continuing therapy with cone which is retained well. You should always try to reach the highest possible weight cone. There may be people that failed to retain the last cone (No. 5), since not all have the same potential musculature strength. In that case, remember that clinical studies show that the symptoms of urinary incontinence disappear retention cone number 4.

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