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Lamberts 5-HTTP 100mg. 60 capsules. Lamberts

The 5-hidroxitriptófano (5-HTP) is the direct precursor of the serotonin, and he is produced in the agency from the amino acid L-triptófano (LT). The 5-HTP is not found in significant quantities in the diet and, although can be obtained from rich food...

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The 5-hidroxitriptófano (5-HTP) is the direct precursor of the serotonin, and he is produced in the agency from the amino acid L-triptófano (LT). The 5-HTP is not found in significant quantities in the diet and, although can be obtained from rich food in LT,’  It has been seen that the consumption of these food does not increase significantly its levels. The recent interest by this nutrient itself due to that increases the cerebral levels of serotonin, An important neurotransmitter for a normal function of the nerves and the brain. The serotonin intervenes in diverse physiological processes and affects to a great variety of functions: since the state of spirit, to the appetite, to the control of the pain and to the dream, among others. Metabolism of the serotonin The serotonin (5-hidroxitriptamina) is a neurotransmitter monoamina produced endogenously from L-triptófano and with an important role you regulate Or in the central nervous system (SNC). Has important implications in dream, depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, appetite, temperature, sexual conduct and sensation of pain. One must keep in mind that the serotonin has also actions out of the cerebral environment (as in platelets and in enterocitos), but that, Due to that cannot cross the hemato-brain barrier, all the present serotonin in the brain is synthesized for the neurons from LT or 5-HTP. Increase of the levels of serotonin The so much consumption of LT as of 5-HTP increases the levels of serotonin in the central nervous system. Also it has been observed that the 5-HTP, aside from increasing the levels of serotonin, is capable of increasing the levels of melatonina, dopamine, norepinefrina and beta-endorphins, thing that does not occur with other substances, Including the LT. USES 1.Depresión, Anguish, Attacks of Anxiety there is a smaller cerebral presence of 5-HTP in people with greater depression,¦  Associate to a possible decrease in the transportation of this substance through the barrier hematoencefálica. —  In the majority of studies with depressive patients quite fast significant clinical answers have been observed (among 2-4 weeks), utilizing dose of 50-300mg three daily times, Without important secondary effects. It agrees to emphasize that, The majority of the conventional antidepressants they need some 4 weeks until obtaining therapeutic effects in the majority of the patients; therefore the 5-HTP would have a faster answer. With respect to the degree of improvement with respect to selective inhibiting antidepressants of the reclaiming of serotonin (SSRI), an improvement in the depressive symptoms and in percentage of similar effectiveness after the processing with 5 has been observed-HTP and after the use of fluvoxamina (a SSRI), With slightly favorable values to the 5-HTP. In comparative studies of effectiveness with respect to antidepressants tricíclicos, the 5-HTP has been shown, as a minimum, As effective as these drugs in cases of severe depression, showing less secondary effects. 2. Fibromialgia has been observed low levels of serotonin and triptófano in the blood of affected by fibromialgia and a significant improvement in symptoms as: pain, morning inflexibility, anxiety, Disruptions of the dream and fatigue with the use of 300mg daily of 5-HTP. The increment in the levels of serotonin can interact with the substance P (whose increment in fibromialgia relates to a decrease of the threshold of the pain) and power the effects of the andË  Ndorfinas endogenous. In a study carried out with 200 patients with fibromialgia that suffered migraines the utilization of 400mg/día of 5 was compared-HTP along with an antidepressant tricíclico (amitriptilina¬  ) And with an inhibiting one of the monoamino oxidasa (MAOI). Also the action was evaluated of 200mg of 5-HTP along with the MAOI. After the 12 months of the study, It was observed that all the processing had presented improvements, although the most effective one was the combination of 5-HTP with MAOI. 3. Obesity Many obese patients and people submitted to diets of slimming, They present low levels of triptófano in blood and a great decrease in the levels of serotonin in the central nervous system. These low levels of serotonin associate with desires to eat carbohydrates and with atracones of food. In these cases has been shown that 5-HTP diminishes the consumption of food and, Consequently, enlarges the loss of weight. 4. insomnia 5-HTP is beneficial in cases of insomnia, improving especially the quality of the dream upon increasing the dream REM. In these cases has been observed that a dose of 200mg of 5-HTP was cash and preferably to greater dose (600mg of 5-HTP),#  That they would be able to increase the very vivid possibility to suffer dreams or nightmares. 5. Chronic headaches The chronic headaches, above all the migraines,  They have related to low levels of serotonin, probably due to an increment of the degradation of serotonin produced by the monoamino oxidasa. In these cases is believed that the threshold of pain would be seen diminished, facilitating the unleashing of the headache. In chronic headaches of different types (migraine,á  Headache by tension and youthful headache), the 5-HTP has been utilized of successful form in its prevention and processing, reducing its frequency, intensity and duration. 6. Parkinson One of the secondary symptoms associated with the illness of Parkinson, as well as to the medicación utilized in this illness (L-DRUGS) is the depression. So much the development of the illness is related and the aging neuronal as the use of L-DRUGS with an inhibition in the activity of the hormone triptófano hidrolasa and, therefore, Of cerebral serotonin. •  The use of 5-HTP along with the medicine Sinemet® (combination of L-DRUGS with carbidopa) improved the emotional depression that associates frequently to the illness of Parkinson. Advantages of the use of 5-HTP with respect to LT The use of 5-HTP is more effective and surer than that of LT. The advantages are given to various levels: 1. The intestinal absorption of the 5-HTP is very high (on the order of the 70%) and, upon not requiring the presence of transporting molecules, Themselves it is not seen affected by the presence of other dietary amino acids that could compete for those same conveyors. By that reason, It can be taken with foods without its effectiveness be seen reduced. 2. With the direct consumption of 5-HTP the conversion is avoided of LT in 5-HTP. This reaction catalyzes it the enzyme triptófano-hidrolasa (also called triptófano 5-monooxigenasa), and is the step constraint in the synthesis of serotonin.  This enzyme can be seen inhibited by numerous factors as: stress, resistance to insulin, deficiency of vitamin B6 and deficiency of magnesium. Besides,ø all these factors along with high levels of cortisol and high dose of LT (greater to 2.000mg) they can increase the conversion of LT to kinurenina way triptófano 2,3-dioxigenasa, Doing that LT be not available for the production of serotonin. 3. As opposed to LT, The molecule of 5-HTP cannot be directed toward the production of niacina or of corporal proteins. 4. 5-HTP crosses easily the barrier hematoencefálica, Without need of transporting molecules, thing that yes that needs LT. Due to that the transporting molecules of LT are shared for 5 amino acids (tirosina, fenilalanina, valina, Leucina and isoleucina), the presence of these competitive amino acids can inhibit the transportation of LT to the brain, thing that does not occur with the 5-HTP. Besides, Highly levels séricos of kinurenina can inhibit the transportation of LT toward the central nervous system and reduce the levels of serotonin in the central nervous system. 5. The products of 5-HTP are obtained from seeds of an African plant, Griffonia simplicifolia, Avoiding the problems of contamination that carried to the prohibition in the commercialization of products of LT obtained by means of bacterial fermentation. O The prohibition themselves due to the apparition of some cases of products of LT in which was carried out a filtered inadequate and that caused syndrome of myalgia-eosinofílica. Daily dose recommended The initial dose of 5-HTP is used to being of 50-100mg to the day. If the answer is inadequate after two weeks can be increased to 100mg three times a day. In cases of insomnia 100-300mg is used to taking itself before being be going to sleep. As its absorption is not seen affected by the presence of other amino acids in the diet, can be taken with foods without losing effectiveness. ü  Security Some patients can experience light queasiness to the beginning of the processing. í  By that reason is recommended to begin with low dose of 5-HTP and to increase them if is necessary, to avoid these problems. An excess in the levels of serotonin can generate syndrome serotoninérgico, characterized by agitation, anguish, confusion, diarrhea, delirium, tachycardia,Å  Diaforesis and fluctuations in the blood pressure. Itself no case has been detected with suplementación with 5-HTP, but in theory an excessive consumption of the supplement would be able to come to unchain it. Therefore, although some studies have shown a greater effectiveness upon combining inhibiting selective of the reclaiming of serotonin along with 5-HTP, of general form, Himself is not recommended to take 5-HTP along with antidepressants or other substances that modify the levels of serotonin (to be not that be under a strict medical monitoring). The most habitual antidepressants with the ones that would be able to interact are inhibiting selective of the reclaiming of serotonin (SSRI) and inhibiting of the monoamonooxidasa (MAOI). If it is desired to substitute the therapy of SSRI or MAOI by the use of 5-HTP and they are taken of joint form during this step, So much the patient as the professional should know the possible symptoms of this affection. In cases of Parkinson,=  In spite of the fact that the use of 5-HTP would be able to help if is taken along with Sinemet®, should not be taken never 5-HTP of remote form in this illness. The 5-HTP becomes serotonin in the brain and this increase if itself is not seen accompanied at the same time of an increment of dopamine would be able to get worse symptoms of it you make ill as the inflexibility.  Itself it is not advised to conduct neither to carry out dangerous activities until knowing the concrete effect that causes the 5-HTP, since in some cases can cause drowsiness. Should neither be utilized during embarrassment and lactation, due to the security studies lack in those situations.

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