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Sesderma Repaskin Mender liposomal serum 50ml

Sesderma Repaskin Mender liposomal serum  

Serum liposome with active DNA repair that prevents and treats skin aging. Base treatment before and after sun exposure. Prepares the skin and repairs damages.

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Sesderma Repaskin Mender liposomal serum  

Authentic cellular DNA repair for neutralizing and reversing sun damage on the skin.
Protection is important, repairs are vital.
The natural ability to repair the DNA in our cells decreases with age. During the day the solar radiation (UV) has harmful effects on the skin which are changing the structure of the cellular DNA. Thymine dimers which distort and change their structure, which interfere with the replication process, it is important to restore DNA for DNA structure that has been damaged.

To counteract the harmful effects of UV radiation, our skin is equipped with a complex defense system by neutralizing. But most of the time this is not sufficient. When UV radiation from sunlight reaches the skin, reaches our cells and may form thymine dimers that distort and alter the structure of DNA. As a result appear wrinkles, blemishes, burns ... A silent and visible skin damage that can be repaired now. Repaskin is a line with a new Shield-system technology designed to be better protection and repair skin DNA with studies demonstrating its effectiveness and results.

It is a unique combination of assets designed to protect and repair the damage that UV radiation produced in our cells, something that happens throughout the year, as well as prevent the formation of free radicals, which damage the DNA structure. To achieve desired results, this line combines photolyase, endonucleases and exonucleases, encapsulated in liposomes repairing the molecular structure of DNA and 3 stabilizing enzymes: Zinc, Amino Acids and Teprenonaliposomado.

Nano-sized liposomes (103 nm) can reach the deeper layers of the piel with excellent tolerance.

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