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Vitaminor MSM Complex 60 capsules

A contribution of sulfur in biological highly active metabolic functions. Very useful for the immune system, land allergy, mucous membranes, skin and joints. The most remarkable feature of the products VITAMINOR the mark in the interest of obtaining...

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A contribution of sulfur in biological highly active metabolic functions. Very useful for the immune system, land allergy, mucous membranes, skin and joints. The most remarkable feature of the products VITAMINOR the mark in the interest of obtaining the highest cellular penetration, always seeking the closest to the natural biological reality. Some complexes have a generalist role and others, a more significant role. M.S.M. (Metilsulfonilmetano): Useful as a nutritional supplement for inflammation, allergy, fatigue, susceptibility to infections, abnormalities of skin, nail and hair. The MSM contains metilsulfonilmetano, an organic sulfur compound present in all living organisms. The MSM can be seen as a natural source of sulfur, an essential mineral element in the formation of certain B vitamins, thiamine, biotin and certain amino acids such as methionine, cysteine and taurine. The effectiveness of the MSM is so important in the inflammation of the tissues by an allergy, symptoms of redness and pain go away quickly. The MSM is tasteless, odorless, and produces no unpleasant side effects even at high concentrations. All living organisms have metilsulfonilmetano. This substance is also present in cow's milk, the fresh fruit and vegetables in sea products and carnicol. And cooking and various industrial processes often produce a considerable decrease in the percentage of MSM in many foods. Recent studies have shown that the rate of blood MSM is about 1 ppm in a healthy young adult. The markers indicate a significant reduction in the rate with age, this may explain some symptoms such as fatigue, malfunction of various organs and increased susceptibility to infections and allergies. Present in all our cells, the sulfur is essential in the body as an important structural element in proteins. It is also necessary in the activity of many enzymes. The body contains about 140 gr. MSM and taking into account the regular cell renewal, provides a recommended 850mg daily. sulfur. 500 mg. Zinc AA chelate: Useful for food supplementation for their role in many reactions within the body. Enzyme cofactor in the anti-radical, involved in the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the biosynthesis of prostaglandins and anti-vasoconstrictive. Consequently, it plays a major role in the regulation of inflammatory and allergic phenomena. Zinc is involved in the activity of more than 200 enzymes, and particularly in all stages of protein synthesis (collagen and keratin). Accelerates wound healing, activated timulina (immune functions), participates in the normal functioning of the prostate, helping to provide acute smell and taste, and is a factor for the reading of the genome. Superoxide dismutase active copper and zinc (CuZnSOD, antiradical mitochondrial enzyme), the lysyl oxidase which is in the synthesis of elastin and collagen and tiroxinasa triggers the production of melanin. Liver is a protector against the alcohol. Participates in the control of blood sugar, stimulates the pancreatic cells to increase insulin production. It is therefore used in the synthesis of insulin. Is likely to slow the aging of tissues, accelerated aging when there is diabetes. 22.5 mg. Chelated copper AA: Useful in the food supplementation to stimulate the immune system. Involved in many metabolic reactions. Essential trace element necessary for respiration. It is essential (together with iron) for the fixation of oxygen by red blood cells (erythrocytes) and essential because it influences all human metabolism. Copper is an important catalyst for enzymes, hormones (pituitary, pancreatic, thyroid, adrenal). It is equally important for the synthesis and collagen production, melanin, bones, cartilage and skin. It is also an antioxidant mineral that protects us from the attack of free radicals. Stimulates the immune system which protects the cardiovascular system and serves as a treatment for arthritis, may prevent certain cancers. Copper is a metal bactericidal sufficiently active to destroy colibacilar and staphylococci. It is essential to their role in bioutilización of vitamin C. 5 mg. Rice starch: Ecocert certified organically grown. Excipient used to fill the capsule allowing excellent preservation. The rice starch is a carbohydrate reserves stored in the plant cells and produced by photosynthesis. It is a mixture of two polysaccharides, the amylose and amylopectin, which gives it a low glycemic index. The rice starch powder is the base to produce a unique vehicle; potentised the dilution of the contents of the capsule. This technique is unique in the preparation of nutritional supplements, has benefited from an international title that has the name of BEQ (bioelectrical quantum dynamization). The BEQ strengthens the action of the components. The BEQ is also present in the complex in powder form. 162.5 mg Colloidal Silica: Additive which facilitates the mixing of the components and their packaging. 10 mg. Box 60 capsules. Ideally be associated with: Immune / Super Omega 6 / Omega 3 Super / Floro / Kondro

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