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About us

Our history…

When someone asks about his story tries to capture its origins and how through the events in your life after you have been today and be what it is. The history of Farmacia Internacional of profiles very different headlines through their hard work have helped create a differentiated Farmacia Internacional competition with a distinctive profile and is currently considered as brand value.

Many are the remodeling processes and continuous updating for years.

The jump to e-commerce and online world was made in 2006 contributing to the pharmacy all the vigor and youthful energy who was then in the direction of the company. At present the management of the International Pharmacy is performed by Reyes Cadinanos and Jean Paul Bouyat who since 2010 has become pharmacy health space , suitable for the culture of prevention , increasing the participation of clients and friends in health programs , expanding the training offered lectures and workshops and opening information and knowledge to the various channels of social networks for this communication and its contents International Pharmacy also continue from each household.

Our new logo represents a new life full of energy, vitality and new areas of work pharmacy. The current technological advances in the field of communication and marketing have allowed us the values of our brand can reach around the world and knowledge in support of Health and Prevention can help our friends and customers all around the world.

All of us are a team Farmacia Internacional constantly training and active creators of content and knowledge. Between us we manage the interest in new products , share books and articles interesting news magazines , participate in external training to update and discussing information to evaluate them and offer them to our customers as well as organizing themed weeks that offer information and advice on everyday health issues during different periods of the year at the pharmacy.

We believe in the importance of good habits and prevention measures, this is our most precious flag and motto Prevention.

Definetly, the history of Farmacia Internacional is formed by people who have worked from the start betting on Health. Today consists of a young and active team that is committed every day for the consumer to find the answer you are looking for and is concerned.

Team of Farmacia internacional

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