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AMINO BaseLCN 30 sachets flavor red fruits

Contribution of free form amino acids.

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AMINO BaseLCN provides the free form amino acids, which means no need for gastric or intestinal digestion, being absorbed 15 minutes after ingesting them, reaching the liver and other organs where the other amino acids and proteins that we need for life are synthesized: enzymes, hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters, collagen ...

It is indicated to counter:

    AGING: by decreasing the rate of absorption and synthesis of new biomolecules.
    INCREASED NEEDS: sports, stress, sarcopenia, cachexia, fibromyalgia, cancer ... to help maintain and synthesize new muscle mass.
    LOW DIETS IN BASIC PROTEIN OR AMINO ACIDS: vegans, vegetarians, slimming diets, diets for chronic processes, diets for liver and kidney diseases, diets for cancer ...
    CHRONIC DISEASES OF ALL TYPES: metabolic, cardiac, respiratory, digestive, rheumatic, neurological, muscular, autoimmune, oncological ... for increased needs difficult to cover with food, without causing nutritional imbalances


AMINO BaseLCN is a dietary food supplement composed of the following nutrients: xylitol (from birch); L-Leucine; L-Lysine; Bitartrate Hill; L-Valine; L-Isoleucine; L-Threonine; L-Cysteine; L-Tryptophan; Acidity corrector: citric acid; L-Phenylalanine; L-Tyrosine; L-Histidine; L-Proline; Myo-inositol; Magnesium Citrate; L- Methionine; Natural aroma of red fruits; L-Calcium Ascorbate; Citidin 5'monophosphate; Uridine 5'monophosphate; Sweetener: steviol glycosides (from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni).

How to use:

Adults: 1 per day dissolved in a glass of water or the dose indicated by a professional, more than 20 minutes before meals.

Children over 8 years old: 1 packet per day dissolved in a glass of water, more than 20 minutes before meals

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