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Detoxification and drainage therapy to eliminate toxins.

Lymphomyosot, Nux vomica and Berberis.

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The Heel Detox Kit pack is composed of
Heel Lymphomyosot N: improves lymphatic drainage, favoring the mobilization of toxins from the extracellular matrix.
Heel Nux vomica Homaccord that strengthens liver and intestinal functions, activating the gastrointestinal elimination pathway and the liver system and the metabolism of toxins.
Heel Berberis Homaccord that helps the metabolic detoxification and excretion carried out by the liver and kidneys, to eliminate mobilized toxins.

Heel Detoxification and Drainage Therapy helps toxins accumulated in the tissues to be mobilized and completely metabolized and excreted.
Complete and natural cleansing of the organism with three
specific medications, the therapy is directed to different organs simultaneously.
It stimulates the key organs involved in the process of detoxification, the lymphatic system, the liver and the kidneys.
It is well tolerated, easy and comfortable in its posology
How to use:
Heel Pack Detox is taken by putting 20-30 drops of each bottle in a liter and a half bottle of water; shake and drink during the day, repeating the operation every day, minimum three weeks in each season. Two consecutive kits can be taken for a 6-week treatment.

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