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Epid C + Rosa + Propolis. 30 tablets masticables.Specchiasol

EPID C CHEWABLE TABLETS (PROPOLEO, IMMUNE SYSTEM, COLDS, colds, flu, BALSAMICO ...). DESCRIPTION: Chewable tablets with high content of propolis EPID ® and Rosa canina, as intake of vitamin C. This formulation,...
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EPID C CHEWABLE TABLETS (PROPOLEO, IMMUNE SYSTEM, COLDS, colds, flu, BALSAMICO ...). DESCRIPTION: Chewable tablets with high content of propolis EPID ® and Rosa canina, as intake of vitamin C. This formulation, in addition to the known properties of propolis, people who, for their special physiological condition, need to be specially recommends a greater intake of vitamin C, such as smokers, the elderly, teenagers, or women during pregnancy and lactation. Propolis is a hive product consisting of resins, balsams, vegetable gums, waxes and other substances produced by bees. The known properties of propolis have made the man using it for their welfare. The scientific literature suggests it as "natural antibiotic" par excellence. Specchiasol has developed a unique and patented extraction of the active ingredients of propolis method: EPID (extract of propolis dispersible without wax) method. Specchiasol, after years of research in universities, has developed in its modern industrial complex equipped with a sophisticated and equipadísimo homeopathic pharmaceutical laboratory, a unique and patented method of extraction of propolis. Selective extraction and cold with natural solvents: the product obtained is a purified extract no waxes and no other pollutants,retaining all active ingredients of propolis, making it a highly bioavailable propolis. THE REMOVAL PROCEDURE PROPOLEO EPID HAS FEATURES THAT MAKE IT ONE: Using a special derivative starchy allowing the formation of a very thin protective film (the EPID developed has, therefore, an enormous concentration of active principles). ? High degree of atomization extract useful favors maximum absorption. ? Stabilization of the active ingredients of propolis, which, thanks to the package, not in contact with air. ? Easy use of the active ingredients due to the solubility of the powder in water. The EPID line covers a wide range of products used both by internal as external. Its formulation is the result of many studies and experiments. Found, thus the optimal concentration of propolis useful for maximum efficiency. In addition, standardization of the amount of propolis on different products and ensuring careful titration, allow a real consistency in the results. EPID Propolis is entitled to 2.5% flavonoids. SELECTIVE REMOVAL COLD AND NATURAL SOLVENT. Liquid propolis extract has a golden color and can be used as such or dried by atomization in the presence of maltodextrin (procedurespraydryer) microencapsulated propolis presented as impalpable powder with a characteristic flavor, no wax, isolated from contact with air, oxidizing agents and, therefore, stable in time. INGREDIENTS: Dry EPID Propolis Extract, Rosa Canina fruit is unwaxed and purified propolis EPID: 65.0 g (per 100 g); 1690 mg (Per daily intake (2 cpr)). Rosa canina fruits is 6.43 g (per 100 g); 170 mg (For daily intake (2 cpr)). Total intake of vitamin C: 4.50 g (per 100 g); 120 mg (200% RDA) (For daily intake (2 cpr)). DIRECTIONS: Take 2 or more chewable tablets daily. PRESENTATION: 30 tablets.

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