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Disneumon Pernasal 5mg / ml nasal spray 25ml. Medicine

Disneumon Pernasal 5mg / ml nasal spray This medication is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of congestion and nasal discharge due to common cold or allergic processes, sinusitis or other upper respiratory tract disorders.

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Disneumon Pernasal 5mg / ml nasal spray is an over-the-counter medication.

International Pharmacy recommends reading the package leaflet before use 
This leaflet is in Spanish (from Spain).
Pernasal dysneumon - phenylephrine
Disneumon Pernasal 5mg / ml nasal nebulizer COMPOSITION
Each 100 ml solution contains: Phenylephrine (INN) hydrochloride 500 mg. Excipients: Sodium Saccharin (E-954), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Propionate, Menthol Aroma; Aroma eucalyptol, purified water and nitrogen under pressure.
Bottle with 25 ml nasal spray solution.

Disneumon Pernasal 5mg / ml nasal nebulizer ACTIVITY
Phenylephrine has an intense, rapid and prolonged local vasoconstrictive action that causes nasal decongestion.
HEADER: BGP Products Operations, S.L. Avda. De Burgos 91 28050 Madrid
MANUFACTURER: RECIPHARM PARETS, S.L. C / Ramón y Cajal, 2 Parets del Vallés, Barcelona C.P: 08150 Spain.
Symptomatic treatment of congestion and nasal secretion by common cold or allergic processes, sinusitis or other upper respiratory tract disorders.
Do not administer to children younger than 6 years. Do not administer in case of hypersensitivity to any of its components or to other adrenergic decongestants.
Do not exceed the recommended dose. If symptoms persist for more than three days or worsen, consult your doctor. If insomnia appears (very rarely) try to avoid applying the medication late in the evening or at night. The use of the nebulizer by more than one person can lead to contagion.
This medicine should not be given together with antidepressants (monoamine oxidase inhibitors -IMO- or tricyclic antidepressants).
Athletes are informed that this drug contains a component that can establish an analytical result of Doping Control as positive. Consult your doctor before using this medication if you have diabetes, hypertension, heart and thyroid disease, or if you are taking anti-depressant or asthma medications in the group called "adrenergic bronchodilators." Pregnancy and breast-feeding Important for women If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Consumption of medicines during pregnancy can be dangerous for the embryo or the fetus and should be monitored by your doctor. Women who are breast-feeding should consult their doctor before using this medicine. Use in children Talk with your doctor to use this medicine in children between 6 and 12 years. It should not be given to children younger than 6 years.
Effects on ability to drive Have not been described.
Nasal route Adults and children over 12 years: 1 application in each nostril, and can be repeated every 4-6 hours. Do not shorten the time between application and application.

For correct administration of pernasal dysneumon it is necessary that the bottle and the head remain in vertical position, as indicated in the drawing, while it is pressed with the finger in the part superior of the diffuser. Each press should be brief, ie the time required to press and release. At this time and simultaneously, it is advisable to take a deep breath to facilitate the maximum penetration of the drug. If you tilt the bottle or head upon pressing, it causes the propellant gas to escape, leaving the spray unpressurised and unusable. Following these recommendations, it is unlikely that problems arise for the normal use of the product. However, in some isolated case there may be a mechanical failure of the valve or the diffuser that prevents the liquid from flowing out. If this happens, please ask your pharmacist to exchange it for another unit in perfect condition.

Com doses elevadas ou em caso de ingestão acidental podem ocorrer efeitos indesejáveis, tais como dores de cabeça, nervosismo, insônia, palpitações, pressão arterial elevada e visão turva. Se isso acontecer, contacte o seu médico indicando o medicamento e o montante tomado ou ligar para o centro de controle de veneno. Telefone: 91 562.04.20.
Em alguns casos, espirros, prurido, secura ou ardência na mucosa nasal. Raramente, especialmente quando podem ocorrer doses excessivas, tonturas, dor de cabeça, nervosismo, insónia e palpitações. O uso excessivo ou continuou a droga em si pode causar congestão rebote com aumento do congestionamento e corrimento nasal. Se quaisquer efeitos secundários não mencionado, informe o seu médico ou farmacêutico.
Sendo um recipiente pressurizado, proteger da luz solar e não expor a temperaturas superiores a 50 ° C. Não furar ou queimar, mesmo após o uso.
Este medicamento não deve ser utilizado após o prazo de validade impresso na embalagem.
MANTENHA medicamentos fora do alcance e vista das crianças
REVISTA: novembro 2000

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