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Vitaminor Actino Complex (Neuro Complex) 60 capsules

Phenylalanine associated with plants whose only effect is to reduce the stress states of the passengers and re-motivation. This complex provides a real sense of relaxation. Taking it in the morning helps concentration and creativity. Keeps the active...

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Phenylalanine associated with plants whose only effect is to reduce the stress states of the passengers and re-motivation. This complex provides a real sense of relaxation. Taking it in the morning helps concentration and creativity. Keeps the active during the day, preparing a quiet night. Caution employment if phenylketonuria, pregnant and lactating women. The most remarkable feature of the products VITAMINOR the mark in the interest of obtaining the highest cellular penetration, always seeking the closest to the natural biological reality. Some complexes have a generalist role and others, a more significant role. New formula! Standardized Rhodiola dry. Plant traditionally used in Russia to cope with the icy climate of Siberia. Is known to increase endurance, increase longevity, enhance sex drive, memory and cognitive abilities. In 1947 the eminent Russian researcher Lazarev adaptogens the concept to describe a substance that increases in general and nonspecific resistance of the organism to various stressors that affect them. Although they may produce small undesirable, an adaptogen normalizadota exerts no specific action on many organs and physiological functions. This plane comes into the category of ginseg and eleuterococco. Using the dry matter of the root, is the active rosavine and salindrosine are aromatic compounds derived from phenylalanine. A low dose acts at the level of catecholamine receptors taking a stimulant, and middle and high doses acts on serotonin receptors and acetylcholine, have a relaxing effect. Improving the bioavailability of serotonin and dopamine. It has a stimulating effect to contain adaptogens, particularly on immunity. It is effective for improving mood and fight depression. Increases physical and intellectual performance, reduce mental fatigue, improves memory and cognitive abilities. Increases sexual vigor and longevity. 100 mg Dry dry GinsengExtracto standardized standardized Ginseng Useful as a nutritional supplement for the physical, sexual and stroke in older people. The ginseg is a herbaceous plant of the genera Panax of the family of Arilaceas. Only the root is used in medicine. The ginseg is a reequilibrante is used for toning in the case of fatigue and loss of concentration. Stimulates the immune system (helps prevent rheumatic symptoms) and improves the physical and intellectual activity. Allows better withstand the cold and heat. Is commonly used to prolong the life of older people and help young people in the states of transient fatigue. Ginseg intervention in the mechanism of erection is not fully clarified. Recent research shows that ginseg covers both the mechanisms of erection on the central nervous system and gonads without hormonal activity. 100 mg FenilalaninaL-L-Phenylalanine: Useful for food supplementation for physical and sexual fatigue, loss of motivation, headaches and regulating appetite. L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid, neurotransmitter, and the precursor of thyroxine, dopamine, noradrenaline, adrenaline and endorphins. Acts on the sympathetic system in the event of tiredness, hiposuprarrenalismo, lack of motivation, reduced sexuality, and obesity. Is a regulator of appetite. Join improved vascularization and oxygenation of the brain. Have an antidepressant effect. 100 mg Chelated calcium chelate AACalcio AA: Useful as a nutritional supplement to promote the strength of bones and teeth, healthy heart, muscle, and nervous. Useful in cases of muscle cramps and menstrual pain. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, found mostly in bones and teeth. Besides its role in the formation and strength of bones and teeth, is involved in maintaining good health of the heart function, relieves muscle cramps and menstrual pain, regulate the nervous system and aid in sleeping. Calcium also helps regulate the level of acidity of the blood, the use of iron as well as the activation of several enzymes. 30 mg Chelated magnesium chelate AAMagnesio AA: Useful as a nutritional supplement for its effect on nerve conduction neuroregulador. Absolutely essential to life, magnesium is involved in the metabolism of glucose in the production of cellular energy, and is involved in nerve and muscle function. Acts in conjunction with calcium and prevents the risk of kidney stones or gallstones, and the deposit of calcium in the blood vessels and heart. Magnesium also prevents the formation of blood clots. Join the fight against depression and stress, protects the cardiovascular system and helps the treatment of hypertension. Helps maintain the acid-base balance. Useful in case of nervousness, tachycardia, muscle tremors and insomnia. 6 mg Vit. B6Vit. B6: Useful as a food supplement for his speech almost indispensable in many reactions within the body. (Metabolism of proteins, neurotransmitters, fatty acids, prostaglandins, hemoglobin). Vitamin B6 is found in three related ways, which is the most common pyridoxine, and the other two, and pyridoxal piridoxamina. Vitamin B6 can be synthesized by the intestinal flora, but at doses insufficient for the body and must be ingested by food (peanuts, banana, sprouted grains and cereals, fresh fruit, flax, yeast, green vegetables, nuts, potatoes, tomatoes, soybeans, egg yolk, beef liver, kidneys and brain). Breast milk is a natural source rich in B6. Artificial milk substitutes should be enriched with B6. Required to metabolize the amino acids in proteins, the needs of Vit. B6 is directly linked to the consumption of protein, as acts as a coenzyme of sixty enzymes that synthesize, oxidize, or transfer catalytic amino acids. Its key role is in the syntheses of sulfur. The route of the transfer of sulfur transformation in different stages, much of homocysteine in cysteine, with the help of Vit B6. Cysteine is the source of sulfur amino acids and a higher antioxidant, glutathione, and other useful amino acids such as taurine which enhances resistance to stress. The Vit. B6 is necessary for the absorption of magnesium and the conversion of tryptophan in vit. B3. It also contributes to the synthesis of hemoglobin, the synthesis of phospholipids and controls the action of steroid hormones, thyroid and Vit. A and D. Involved in the synthesis of keratin (in association with zinc and Vit. A), essential for skin health. Plays an important role in the premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy (nausea). It is advisable for a cure Vit. B6, in association with the Evening primrose oil, during the last ten days of the menstrual cycle. Vit B6 stimulates the immune system in general, and regulates the central nervous system, involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, histamine, serotonin and GABA). 2.5 mg Vit. B3Vit. B3 Useful as a food supplement for his role in the metabolism of amino acids and in the transmission of nerve flow. Also called vitamin PP or niacin, vitamin B3 (composed by nicotinamide and nicotinic acid), plays a crucial role in energy production, transmission of nerve flow, growth and synthesis of certain hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisone, insulin and thyroxine). Slows the formation of cholesterol at the cellular level, increases the rate of "good" cholesterol and lowers the rate of triglycerides. Vitamin B3 can produce the body from tryptophan, provided that the intestinal flora is correct and that the power supply enough vitamin B2 and B6, as well as proteins. The main food sources are mainly the liver, as well as brewer's yeast, wheat germ, pulses, poultry, lean meat and fish. Heat-stable and highly soluble in water, stored in the liver. The lack of Vit. B3 implies pellagra, resulting in skin problems, digestive and psychological: redness and itching of the skin exposed to sunlight, after appearance of vesicles, scaling and brown pigmentation, chronic diarrhea with inflammation of the digestive mucosa, insomnia, headaches, depression , mental confusion that can evolve to dementia, with delusions and hallucinations. Deficiencies can occur in cases of alcoholism, in individuals who have poor absorption in cases of prolonged taking medication (carbidopa, isoniazid), and certain rare diseases. Subclinical deficiencies are common due to the refining industry of food and unbalanced schemes that increase the need for vitamin B3. The elderly are the most fragile, with an unusual picture (insomnia, impaired memory and concentration, fatigue and digestive problems), which may evoke a false senility. Vitamin B3 no problems if not given to large doses (several grams daily). 18 mg Rice starch arrozAlmidón Ecocert certified organically grown. Excipient used to fill the capsule allowing excellent preservation. The rice starch is a carbohydrate reserves stored in the plant cells and produced by photosynthesis. It is a mixture of two polysaccharides, the amylose and amylopectin, which gives it a low glycemic index. The rice starch powder is the base to produce a unique vehicle; potentised the dilution of the contents of the capsule. This technique is unique in the preparation of nutritional supplements, has benefited from an international title that has the name of BEQ (bioelectrical quantum dynamization). The BEQ strengthens the action of the components. The BEQ is also present in the complex in powder form. 125.5 mg Colloidal Silica ColoidalSilice Additive which facilitates the mixing of the components and their packaging. 18 mg Box 60 capsules. Ideally be associated with: Youth / Sereno / Super Omega 3 / Antioxido.

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