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Estila cleanser wipes 30 units

Estila wipes are sterile ophthalmic wipes impregnated with a cleansing lotion for hygiene of eyelids, eyelashes eyes Composed by surfactants with cleaning ability and needs no rinsing. The composition contains extract of Sambucus nigra flower, leaf extract of Aloe vera, LIPACIDE TM.

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Estila cleanser wipes the eye area.
Estila Wipes for Eye Health. A sterile wipes are suitable for:
Hygiene of eyelids, eyelashes and eyelid edge.
Cleaning periocular in inflammatory and infectious processes.
Periocular hygiene before and after surgery.
Ocular child care
Provide moisturizing, antiseptic and healing properties of Aloe vera, and extract with anti-inflammatory properties of Sambucus nigra.
HOW TO USE Estila Wipes for Eye Health.
Wash hands with soap and rinse thoroughly. Open the envelope and remove the swabs. with the eye closed, apply the wipe on the eyelid with a gentle massage. Roll the towel into a tube and pass smoothly over the edge of the eyelid.
Estila sterile tissue wipes has been specifically designed to allow the correct dragging of the adhered substances to the periocular After application on the periocular area is not deformed or leave residues. Ensures proper drag of the adhered substances, an optimal degree of wetting and large enough to allow full external cleaning of the eye, eyelashes and eyelids
Estila Wipes have been sterilized
International Pharmacy Recommendation:
For patients with acute processes (prophylaxis at any ophthalmic surgery) recommend the wipes customary with 10 units.
For patients for long processes and / or chronic (postoperative eyelid, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and naso lacrimal obstruction). We recommend Estila pack with 30 wipes.
Warranties: Estila wipes has undergone several tests of tolerance and exceeded successfully made Indicates that are DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and hypoallergenic. Suitable for babies, children and adults.

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