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SLACKSTONE II box of two ampoules.

SLACKSTONE II box of two ampoules. Did you know that you can dissolve kidney stones and gall facilitating their removal and prevent the formation of new as well as reduce levels of uric acid dialysis simply drinking water? Well this is a non-aggressive...

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SLACKSTONE II box of two ampoules. Did you know that you can dissolve kidney stones and gall facilitating their removal and prevent the formation of new as well as reduce levels of uric acid dialysis simply drinking water? Well this is a non-aggressive or invasive treatment, created by Father José Ignacio Martín-Alvarez Artajo SJ, which has no side effects and is not even expensive. To get enough to use sodium chloride crystals and lithium chloride stored in glass ampoules which markets SLACKSTONE II and in contact with water, produce a low-potential electrostatic energy and dialysis. Dialytic Water, physically activated by the action of SLACKSTONE II ® system, is incorporated, after ingestion, the bloodstream and circulates as part of the blood and body fluids, urine, bile, etc. If fluids are concentrated, nucleation is favored and therefore, the crystallization and urolithiasis. The use of more efficient Water Dialytic the great universal solvent is water, to improve and enhance the solubility already this has. As noted earlier, the water level Dialytic kidney is therefore able to: · Disruption of small stones exist. · Removing the top layers of the calculations and defenseless, as vertices and edges, favoring his removal. · Divide large stone, transforming them into smaller ones and then gravel, which can be removed without significant pain. · Free of endothelial cells that line the urinary tract, microscopic deposits of calcium salts, preventing it to lose elasticity growth occurs from the calculations. • Increase the solubility of mineral salts that circulate in the blood and urine, especially calcium, prevents them from sinking and recalculations constitute or increase the thickness of existing ones. Dialytic Water intake is always indicated to be removed and / or prevent the formation of crystalline body in the body. Although Dialytic Water is effective on its own (mainly in the kidney), by the experiences and results from 1966 suggest also be used as an excellent adjunct to other treatments or therapies, which is possible in all cases, their exclusively physical action, not chemical, avoiding interactions. Renal lithiasis: Preventive treatment of patients with a history of kidney stones, urates as either calcium salts (oxalate, carbonate, phosphate, etc.).. Also promotes and requires water intake which is the base of the stone therapy, in order to increase diuresis. Expulsive treatment during or after the acute episode of colic, with its power to rounding calculations and fragmenting. As adjuvant treatment after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, facilitates the expulsion of the resulting microfragmentos. Gallstones: Gallstones are usually comprised of layers of cholesterol, calcium and bilirubin. Dialytic Water acts by dissolving the calcium salts that, disappear, make the current calculations, gel and soft and therefore less dangerous, facilitating and making more effective treatment to remove cholesterol from other sources. It works the same way with the annoying "smear" that accompanies gallstones, making it more fluid and facilitate its removal through the bile ducts. DROP or arthropathy URICA: Dialytic Water acts by dissolving the crystals of uric acid and / or preventing them from forming, with the advantage in the treatment of gout. Keep in mind that no effect on uric acid levels, which will be addressed by other means. Prevention of calcium deposits in the arteries (Arteriosclerosis, Atheroma): Dialytic Water dissolves calcium deposits and causes the arteries to regain its elasticity, which facilitates the removal of cholesterol by other means. SPORTS MEDICINE: Studies by experts in the field have shown, for example, the effectiveness of Water Dialytic in athletes engaged in bodybuilding. These athletes, having to eat in their diets large amounts of protein tend to have high levels of uric acid (which has to be dealt with by other means). The routine use in their diet has prevented the crystallization of uric acid in the joints and muscles, providing a normal physical training. CLEANER GENERAL: Dialytic Water drag and eliminates mineral deposits throughout the body. This allows other treatments or therapies (hydrology, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc..) Making them more efficient and increasing the activity of the same. OTHER INFORMATION: There are other cases, some exceptional, where the presence of crystalline bodies may be uncomfortable or harmful and where Dialytic Water is also effective, such as micro crystals in the lymph system or excess calcium in tears. Also in people with immobility, either due to long-term postoperative processes caused by unfortunate accidents or irreversible (for cases and quadriplegics), is produced by that fact crystal residue increased in many cases problems arise lithiasis. Dialytic Water use has worked to improve the quality of life of these people. Whenever there is presence of crystalline bodies anywhere in the body, we recommend the use of water Dialytic to eliminate and / or prevent it from forming again. INSTRUCTIONS: We can say that the use of water Dialytic is logical and non-invasive, and is a simple, inexpensive, convenient and easy to use. Dialytic Water Preparation: Water Preparation Dialytic with blisters SLACKSTONE System 2 has been refined up to a very simple, as the experience gained since 1966 and taking into account the results obtained: 1 .- use a common glass of natural water, about a pint (250 cc) and preferably higher. Mineral water may be used if desired, but it is only necessary in areas where tap water is very hard. As a general rule use the water normally used in food. It has proved better not to use herbal teas to prepare Water Dialytic, although you can take, of course, at any time. 2 .- SLACKSTONE II ® vial must remain submerged in water for 24 hours, so that it covered all the thicker side of the blister. The blister should not be opened or broken, which is not surprising, since the energy generated by the crystals inside the glass vial through perfectly and is transmitted to water. (The blister is like a stack of those used in electrical equipment). The more or less yellowish color of the crystals contained in the blister, is normal. Pay attention to the water ready to submit to any heating, cooling or agitation, as this would undermine their action. If necessary, we recommend closing the glass with a cloth or plastic, to prevent getting dust, insects, etc.. 3 .- Dialytic Water activated, will start immediately after removing the bulb. 4 .- We will fill the glass with water and submerge the bulb again, to prepare the next shot, 24 hours later. 5 .- Each vial is used to prepare Dialytic 40 glasses of water, or what is the same, a box of SLACKSTONE II ® (contains 2 vials) is used to prepare 20 liters of water Dialytic. From this use, the energy emitted by the bulb is considerably diminished, while supplies last. We recommend using the chart control that comes in the package, which will facilitate the control of the shots. The colloidal calcium is useful in the formation of bones, blood, bile, etc. The calcium ion enters into the formation of salts, in particular carbonates, phosphates, calcium oxalates and urates, crystalline in its constitution are very harmful. Is this the type of calcium that eliminates Dialytic Water. Dialytic Water avoids the danger of decalcification, since the water thus prepared colloidal calcium does not attack, but tends to physically disintegrate the structures of the crystalline elements of the calculations. Therefore, no Dialytic Water softener, it does not act against type colloidal calcium (amorphous), if not against the formation of salts of calcium metal (ion). It is remarkable the removal of large stone, the disintegration of crystalline elements in the form of gravel and small stones, and rejuvenation of the tissues, as explained above. For these reasons, the elimination is achieved often without pain, although it seems hard. carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

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