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Alkaline Pitcher Alkalize Care and filter Alkanatur

The Alkanatur pitcher has been replaced by the new Alkanatur Drops

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Alkaline Pitcher Care and Ionize Alkalize Water Alkanatur 500gr Filters and raises the pH (filter duration 3 months) Pitcher filter harmful particles other than health , such as heavy metals , including lead and copper, alkaline water to a pH level of 10 ( depending on the water used ) and ionizes an oxidation reduction potential of up -200 MV 1. Specific features of the jar : * The pH range is reached is between 8.5 and 10 , depending on the water used . * Help to filter chlorine and heavy metals such as lead and copper , making the most refreshing and clean water. * Promotes oxidation reduction potential ( redox potential ) , from 100 to -200 MV , electron loading water and acting as an antioxidant. * Cluster Effect : Reduces water molecule , facilitating cellular hydration. * The filter provides the body alkalizing minerals such as calcium and magnesium. * The filter reduces chlorine and lime to give it a more natural taste to the water . * The jug is free of Bisphenol A ( BPA) , an industrial chemical derived from petroleum used to make hard, clear plastic , which has adverse effects on health. * The filter is capable of filtering water to 300 books before replaced. * It has an electronic indicator to mark when to replace the filter. * The capacity of the pitcher is 3.5 liters and the filtering capacity of 2 liters. * Filter materials : includes activated carbon , ion exchange resins and potentially negative particles . * The jar contains a vial of liquid reagent to measure with a few drops and accurately the pH of filtered water. With a description of how to use it is also attached. Two . Optimal level of functioning of the jar : * To change the filter , you need to fill and empty the jar twice. After the fifth or sixth cycle is when the pitcher was funcinoes reach their full potential. Three . Beneficial health effects : * An alkaline water, ionically charged and is molecularly smaller living water. Drink this water neutralizes free radicals, acting as a potent antioxidant. * Alkaline water is easily absorbed by the tissues and organs of the body , being molecularly smaller. * Alkaline water has an anti -aging effect , rejuvenation , as oxygenates and rejuvenates the tissues.

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