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List of products by manufacturer Neostrata

Neostrata is a dermocosmetic laboratory sold through pharmacies, recommended by many dermatologists worldwide.

Neostrata dermocosmetic laboratory is a market leader in anti-aging treatments with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), which renewed, exfoliate and moisturise our skin.

We can find:

Refine -Neostrata, especially for the treatment of acne.
-Neostrata Resurface, a powerful anti-aging line, based on AHA.
-Neostrata Bionica, antioxidants.
Active Skin -Neostrata, anti global age.
-Neostrata Target, specific treatments.

International Pharmacy we appreciate the Neostrata Citriate a Peeling System, home, with 20% of AHA, renews the skin, reducing marks, blemishes, wrinkles, pores ...

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