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Scalibor collar for large dogs 65cm.

Scalibor is a new concept of antiparasitic collar as its active ingredient, deltamethrin, is a highly lipophilic component that is released and distributed on the lipid layer of the skin of the dog, covering his entire body in a week. Therefore, the...

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Scalibor is a new concept of antiparasitic collar as its active ingredient, deltamethrin, is a highly lipophilic component that is released and distributed on the lipid layer of the skin of the dog, covering his entire body in a week. Therefore, the innovative release of deltamethrin directly and exclusively on the skin of the dog differs from most other necklaces, in which the active ingredient is released through evaporation. Antiparasitic collars in such a large part of the active ingredient is lost and causes odor. Only a small fraction remains for the protection of the dog. With Scalibor ® Collar, the dog receives the full amount of deltamethrin every day. EFFECTS OF ACTIVE: Deltamethrin is an active substance of the family of pyrethroids with an intense and rapid effect of insecticide and acaricide both by direct contact or by ingestion. Through the tegument of the parasites and acts on central nervous system, causing lack of coordination, paralysis and finally death. Deltamethrin (DTM) is strongly coupled to the carrier TPP (triphenyl phosphate). When both components are in contact, forms a complex DTM + TPP. The plastic layer is saturated with Collar Scalibor DTM + TPP. The active ingredient is housed inside the banda and is released gradually for more than 6 months, thanks to the friction with skin and hair of the dog, allowing the substance to a lipid layer that coats the skin . Rapid effect of nerve deltamethrin achieved excellent results in its antiparasitic action because: Develop an effective repellent, so the majority of ticks or sand flies do not come to stay in the animal, so preventing them from eating Causing nervous symptoms in the parasites and prevents both sand flies and ticks to get snacks (antifeedant effect) Advocates the killing of parasites (lethal effect). SECURITY: Deltamethrin is a very anti-insurance, and negligible systemic absorption. Tolerance studies have shown that the level of deltamethrin in the blood is even lower than the detection limit of the most sensitive diagnostic methods (5 mg / ml). An oral dose of more than 300 mg / kg is lethal to dogs. This demonstrates that deltamethrin is extremely safe. An accidental ingestion of Scalibor ® only cause symptoms of lack of incoordination, hypersalivation and tremors, but these effects disappear over a period of 48 hours. For lack of information today is not recommended for use in puppies Scalibor ® under 7 weeks of age. However, it is established that deltamethrin is harmless in bitches pregnant, lactating and puppies over 7 weeks (weaned pups can not absorb the active ingredient throughout the period of lactation). ADVANTAGES FOR OWNER: Scalibor is safe for the whole family: The release of innovative technology directly by the lipid layer optimizes the use of deltamethrin collars unlike others where the evaporative release makes much of the active ingredient is deposited on the floor and on people around the dog. Scalibor is water resistant: Scalibor ® Collar is fully effective even when the dog is wet. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the collar if it comes into contact with water. This is a very important advantage over other necklaces, especially in areas of high rainfall. Scalibor does not smell: Scalibor is odorless, so it does not cause discomfort to the dog or its owner or allowing contact with the pet. Scalibor is effective for 6 months: Thanks to its long Scalibor cheaper than other collars in the market. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Attaching the collar Scalibor ® Remove with a damp dust Scalibor ® collar before placing Place the collar, leaving a space of two fingers between neck and collar, and friction and facilitating the release of deltamethrin Trim the excess collar 5 cm after leaving the pin. Wash hands with soap and water after handling collar. Scalibor need a week to reach maximum effectiveness. Is the time it takes deltamethrin spread throughout the body. There have been some cases of local allergic reaction. Remove the collar, and then wait 48 hours to put it. If the reaction persists, remove the collar and definitively treat the dog with another product. Scalibor is waterproof, but if you use a normal shampoo to wash your dog remove the lipid layer and thus deltamethrin. The dog will be less protected for a week. It is best to use a shampoo that does not affect the lipid layer as Proteodermil ® Vétoquinol. The collar can be used to start from 7 weeks of age the pup. You should not use the collar in animals with extensive skin lesions.

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