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Lamberts Gingko Biloba 6000mg 30 tablets

Ginkgo biloba, sometimes simply called ginkgo, is probably the most popular vegetable in the world and millions of people across Europe and the United States use.

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Of its many uses, the herb is best known for her participation in the maintenance of peripheral circulation in the limbs, legs and hands, and your help in maintaining the short-term memory.
Virtually all published studies that have used Ginkgo biloba have been carried out with a standardized extract called GBE, which CONTAINS 24% glycosides and corresponds to the material used in the 6,000 mg Ginkgo biloba Lamberts ®. Lamberts ® favors standardized extracts, since the extraction and concentration procedures ensure that the commodity is much more powerful than those based products spray the whole plant, where no sehave nothing to concentrate the active compounds.

6,000 mg Ginkgo biloba Lamberts ® is one of the most powerful products available in the UK. Each tablet contains 120 mg of extract, equivalent to 6000 mg of the dried leaf.
After consulting with some of the leading experts working with Ginkgo, we decided to produce our tablets Ginkgo biloba sustained release, so that instead of the Ginkgo between blood blow, is gradually released over about 2 hours. This will help prevent minor side effects such as mild headaches of short duration.

Ginkgo Biloba leaves (provided by 120mg of an extract / 6.000mg
Providing Flavonglicósidos / 28.8 mg
Ginkgolides A, B and C and bilobalide / 7.2 mg

1 tablet daily, right after a meal.

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