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Nua Nuadha 1000mg 132 pearls

Very pure and concentrated food supplement based on omega-3 (from fish). One NuaDHA 1000 pearl contains approx. 90% omega-3, of which more than 85% are DHA.


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Purified fish oil, Vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopherol). Wrap: Gelatin and glycerol.

For 1 pearl:
Omega-3 (min. 90%) .......... 1.12 g
DHA (min. 85%) .................. 1 g
Vitamin E (antioxidant) ..... 4.2 mg


Pregnancy & Lactation: Take 2-3 / week.
Children (0-1 year): Take 2 / week.
Children (1-3 years): Take 1 to alternate days.
Children (3-9 years): Take 1 to alternate days. (sometimes 1 / day)
Over 9 years old and adults: Take 1-2 / day.

Nua Nuadha 1000mg 30 Capsules What exactly is Nuadha? The Nuadha is one of the more pure forms and concentrated DHA (or docosahexaenoic acid) that exists in the market. DHA is an unsaturated fatty acid found mainly in fish, but also unicellular algae produce inedible. Residual amounts are also found in egg yolk. Why do I need to supplement my diet with Nuadha? Inside the fish, those that give off a strong smell when cooked (eg salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel etc. Ie oily fish) are the richest in DHA (omega-3 and in general), however , most is lost with cooking. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for daily intake of DHA is 250-400 mg / day. Currently, Western diets provide no more than 100-150 mg / day and in the case of countries like USA daily intake is less than 50 mg / day. Thus, virtually the entire world population is deficient in this important nutrient, except for countries like Japan, Iceland, Scandinavia or isolated communities like the Inuit (500-700 mg / day). What time of day is best to take Nuadha? The Nuadha can be taken before meals or with food. Also, in the case of drinking 3 pearls pearl weekly or even daily one can take all the pearls one day (ie Monday) and if you like in one shot and forget until next week!. This is so because once you take the Nuadha remains in the body for up to 5 weeks. That said, the Nuadha not bioaccumulate and toxic. And in the case of a healthy adult, what can be taken daily? If the aim is to meet the nutritional needs, it would suffice to take 3-4 weekly pearls Nuadha 1000. Now if you want you can overcome that dose and take 1-2 beads / day. In this case it is common to notice a greater sense of well-being, show a more positive attitude, improved concentration ... This is not surprising when you consider that about 30% of the fatty acids of gray matter brain are DHA. Moreover, given that 50% of the macula (the central retina responsible for sharp vision or definition) is DHA, could be seen an improvement in visual health.

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