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Alkaline Care Juissen2 juice extractor

Alkaline Juissen2 Care is a cold pressed extractor slow rotation which will provide a high percentage of the nutritional value of fruit, vegetables, cereals,...

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Juissen2 is the new generation of extractors with cold-pressed materials TRITAN (100% free of BPA) and lower turnover, only 43 rpm. Compared with conventional blenders, Juissen can increase juice production by up to 65%.

Juissen2 uses a revolutionary system of extraction of juice. Unlike other conventional methods, Juissen2 not squeezed or crushed, but press the ingredients by slowly rotating system. Thus, the juice retains a high percentage of the nutritional value of fruit, vegetables, vegetables, cereals, etc. maintaining its natural properties and 100% of its flavor.

Slow Juice is the big difference Juissen2. While conventional blenders cut fruit with blades by a rapid rotational movement which produces heat and thus, destruction of nutrients ingredients, Juissen2 runs at a speed and lower temperature, producing juices that do not oxidize as quickly and retain their properties for longer. Furthermore, compared to conventional blenders, Juissen can increase juice production by up to 65%.

The characteristics of the Juissen2 main ones are:
Made in TRITAN, a type of BPA free plastic very rugged and Bisphenol A.
Slower rotation system: A lower speed than Juissen1 of 65-43 rpm, which makes more efficient! The slow rotation system preserves the main characteristics of the food and guarantees the best juices and flavor to your recipes.
High ripping speed: High speed extraction ensures rapid filling of the jar and prevents oxidation of food thus preserving most vitamins.
Silent: Thanks to its slow rotation, with Juissen not have to worry about annoying noises while producing their tasty recipes.
Speed: 43rpm (rpm)
Maximum continuous use time: 20-30 min
Filters: the machine comes with two different types of strainers, one of larger and smaller.
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