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HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE whose therapeutic indication is determined by the criterion of the prescribing physician.

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Each sequence of 5 capsules contains:
Interleukin 1, 7 and 10 CH, Interleukin 2, 7 and 10 CH // Interferon gamma 7 and 10 CH // Cachectin 7 and 10 CH // Deoxyribonucleic acid 8 and 10 CH // Ribonucleic acid 8 and 10 CH // Nucleic acid specific SNA-TOXO 10 and 16 CH

Lactose 0.836 g
Sucrose 2,964 g

The granules are conditioned in gelatin capsules that should not be ingested, however the composition of the capsules is:
Blue capsules: titanium dioxide (E171), Indigotine (E132) and gelatin
Red capsules: titanium dioxide (E171), iron dioxide (E172) and gelatin

This product contains lactose and sucrose. If your doctor has told you that you have an intolerance to certain sugars, check with him before taking this medicine.

Always under medical criteria, the usual form of administration is: One capsule per day, respecting the order of numbering them.
The capsule contents will be taken every morning 15 minutes before breakfast or one hour later. Occasionally and by medical indication, the rhythm of treatment may be increased, administering the contents of a second capsule 15 minutes before lunch.

1º Start with one of the three blisters inside the box,
2º by pressing the capsule marked with nº1 through the protective sheet
3º Open the capsule carefully, with the head of the capsule facing up
4th Empty the contents of the capsule under the tongue and keep it until it dissolves
In subsequent shots follow the numerical order of the capsules, indicated in the blister (2,3 ....)
At the end of the first blister, continue with the capsule marked No. 1 of the following blister, and so on until the treatment is finished.
If you make a mistake in the order of taking the capsules, or if you forget a capsule, continue from the last capsule taken.
If you have taken more than you should, immediately consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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