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HEEL THERAPY DETOX (heppel, lympho., Reneel) pack (50 tablets x3)

The Heel Kit Detox Therapy allows you to carry out a detoxification and drainage diet endorsed by health professionals. Among the main advantages, it highlights the elimination of accumulated toxins and the purification of the organism. Supports the immune system.

Detoxification organs: liver, kidney, skin, mucous membranes and lymphatic system



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Includes Hepeel 50 tablets, Lymphomyosot 50 tablets and Reneel 50 tablets.


Hepeel: Lycopodium D3, Chelidonium D4, China D3, Nux moschata D4 ana 30 mg; Carduus marianus D2, Phosphorus D6 ana 15 mg; Veratrum D6 60 mg; Colocynthis D6 90 mg. Magnesium stearate, lactose.

Lymphomyosot: Myosotis arvensis D3, Veronica officinalis D3, Teucrium scorodonia D3, Pinus sylvestris D4, Gentiana lutea D5, Equisetum hyemale ex herba rec. D4, Sarsaparilla D6, Scrophularia nodosa D3, Juglans regia D3, Calcium phosphoricum D12, Natrium sulfuricum D4, Fumaria officinalis D4, Levothyroxinum D12, Aranea diadema D6 ana 15 mg; Geranium robertianum D4, Nasturtium officinale D4, Ferrum jodatum D12 ana 30 mg. Magnesium stearate, lactose.

Reneel: Berberis D2 15 mg; Acidum nitricum D4, Cantharis D5, Plumbum aceticum D6, Pareira brava D3, Sabal serrulatum D2 ana 30 mg; Causticum Hahnemanni D4 60 mg; Alumina D12 75 mg. Magnesium stearate, lactose.


Hepeel: In general, take 1 tablet 3 times a day, letting it dissolve in the mouth.

Lymphomyosot: In general, take 3 tablets 3 times a day, letting them dissolve in the mouth.

Reneel: In general, take 1 tablet 3 times a day. In acute conditions, initially take 1 tablet every 15 minutes for up to 2 hours.


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Keep out of the reach of little kids.

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