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SOA®© Colina

Contributes to physical performance and muscle recovery. Its action improves mood, sleep cycles and the ability to recover after a session of intense physical exercise.

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Since acetylcholine is involved in every muscle movement, its presence is helpful in preventing fatigue and muscle aches.
Prevents the appearance of ailments. It fulfills beneficial functions for health, both due to its anti-inflammatory property and its effectiveness in reducing allergy symptoms such as rhinitis.
Combats impaired brain function and memory loss. Because it is considered an important component for cell membranes and neurotransmitters, it helps prevent cognitive decline. Its influence strengthens memory and favors the ability to concentrate.
Preserves the conservation of the liver. The presence of choline guarantees hepatic maintenance. It is vital in the process of transporting fat (both triglycerides and cholesterol) from the liver to cells throughout the body, thus keeping it purified without producing deposits.
Reduce the cholesterol. In addition to emulsifying the fat deposits accumulated in the liver, choline acts in our body by reducing cholesterol and redistributing fat in our body. This supposes a highly positive influence to avoid accumulations of harmful fat in the organism.

Silicon is an essential element for the body. It plays an essential role in many processes:
It is directly involved in the relations of the immune system.
At the level of the skin: it participates to a large extent in its structure and ensures the elasticity of other tissues.
At the level of muscles, tendons, bone tissue and cartilage, it ensures the integrity of these tissues and participates in strengthening their main function: mobility and flexibility of the former, and rigidity and greater regeneration of the latter.
At the vascular level: it contributes to its good functionality and to maintaining its tonality

Choline chloride stabilized orthosilicic acid. Dimacized osmosis water. Vegetal glycerin. Zinc, magnesium and copper gluconates.

How to use
Oral route: A full pressure corresponds to a dose of approx. 1.25ml Dilute one dose in a 125 ml glass. of mineral water during the midday meal. Once the container is opened, the product expires after 3 months. Warnings Respect the established dosage. Keep the product out of the reach of children. The SOA® food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep SOA® at room temperature away from heat sources and protected from light.

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