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SOA®© Universal airless skin cream 50ml

Active ingredients such as organic silicon “m.m.s.t.” (essential food of collagen) and ever-living essential oil from the dunes provide quality and efficiency to each application on the skin.

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Always alive from the dunes: given its exceptional anti-aging power, this flower that never fades provides the skin with a bath of hydration and protection against external contamination.

Quickly absorbed and pleasant aroma.

Pollution is one of the factors to which you must pay more attention to prevent premature aging of your skin. According to the WHO, the polluting agents produced by cars and industries are absorbed by the skin, react with the oxygen in our cells and cause an increase in free radicals, those responsible for accelerating the aging of the skin and therefore, the dryness and appearance of premature wrinkles. In addition, they dirty the surface of the skin, clogging pores and destroying antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

SOA®© CUTIS UNIVERSAL, helps combat the effects of pollution, protecting the skin from environmental contamination while refreshing, hydrating and calming the skin.

Its formula is mainly based on Organic Silicon SOA®, from Dr. Michel Stéphan®©, which has a significant impact on the skin, since it is a component of it. Thus, its functions are summarized in:

-Protection of the skin, influencing its architecture and its elasticity. Silicon deficiency is one of the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles or dry skin.
-Protection against free radicals and cellular oxidation.
and Helichrysum of the dunes “Immortal of the dunes”, helps to protect the skin of the face from environmental sources of aggression, such as pollution.

This cream is indicated for application on all skin types, as well as being a great ally to improve skin with acne, rosacea, psoriasis problems. As its name indicates "immortal", its regenerating and anti-aging properties make it the perfect ingredient that combines extraordinarily with Organic Silicon SOA®, in this anti-wrinkle cream!!

Its repeated and constant application will give spectacular results in a short time.

Silicon is an essential element for the body. It plays an essential role in many processes:
It is directly involved in the relations of the immune system.
At the level of the skin: it participates to a large extent in its structure and ensures the elasticity of other tissues.
At the level of muscles, tendons, bone tissue and cartilage, it ensures the integrity of these tissues and participates in strengthening their main function: mobility and flexibility of the former, and rigidity and greater regeneration of the latter.
At the vascular level: it contributes to its good functionality and to maintaining its tonality

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