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Solgar Sabal - Saw Palmetto Berry. 60 capsules

Standardized Grass High Power - Sabal Berry Extract (Serenoa repens). Each capsule contains 150 mg of standardized saw palmetto berry (45-50% free fatty acids and sterols) and 300 mg of berry extract powder. 60 bottles vegicaps...

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Standardized Grass High Power - Sabal Berry Extract (Serenoa repens). Each capsule contains 150 mg of standardized saw palmetto berry (45-50% free fatty acids and sterols) and 300 mg of berry extract powder. 60 bottles vegicaps Dosage: Both forms: As an herbal supplement for feeding adults, 1-3 vegicaps daily, preferably with meals or as directed by the specialist. Saw Palmetto: The primary pharmacological activity is saw palmetto extract inhibiting Reductase enzyme 5a and the consequent reduction of the DHT hormone (largely cause inflammation of the prostate, urethra and alopecia or baldness) effect similar to chemical Sal Finasteride. Saw Palmetto has a specific-inflammatory action on the prostate and urethra significantly reducing the discomfort and allowing the permanence of sexual desire. In a clinical study was performed to 350 patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia who were treated with Saw palmetto is after 9 weeks of treatment observed a reduction of 47% in the frequency at which they stop to urinate at night, up 53% in the urine stream and a reduction of 44% in the urine left in the bladder (residual urine). The main advantage of the chemical Saw palmetto is that salt Palmetto Finasteride does not cause any side effects for being a 100% natural Ademas to be more economical. Saw palmetto use in Men over 20 years in order to maintain and prevent prostate problems is recommended. Some symptoms associated with BPH are: Difficulty urinating Difficulty starting urination. Weaker jet. Urinary Retention. Need to urinate more often. Waking up several times at night to urinate. Premature Ejaculation. Dribbling of urine Painful ejaculation at the end. Backaches. Testicular pain. The hormone (DHT) and Baldness: Men with androgenetic alopecia or baldness have high levels of a hormone derivative called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the scalp. Body receptors that capture the DHT are usually in prostate, liver and skin (with hair follicles) in the sebaceous follicles. DHT contributes to shorten the phase of hair growth and reduced, by acting on the sebaceous follicle which serves to feed the follicle producing lipid fat hardening and drying thereof which will inhibit hair growth, so that new hair do not reach the size or the thickness of their predecessors, making them almost invisible. The number of hairs decreases with progressive miniaturization of scalp hair, pigment production and the affected area may appear bald long before it stopstotally lose hair. It also affected the hair cycle: a reduction in the number of hairs in their growth phase and a relative increase of follicles in their resting phase is observed. Saw palmetto and Alopcia Androgenica The hair loss and BHP as seen throughout the site are directly related to the DTH hormone formed when the enzyme 5th edition. reductase interacts in male testosterone. Saw palmetto reducing acting 5a. reductase and thus inhibiting the formation of DHT, which is the main cause of baldness and BHP, represents a valuable natural alternative. Some studies have shown that Saw palmetto has the same effects as Finasteride Propecia (finasteride 1mg and Proscar (5 mg finasteride). Proscar is usually prescribed for people with BPH and Propecia Finasteride since 1997 anti-baldness pill is prescribed as . agents that fight the damaging effects of BHP found in Saw palmetto can be used successfully to combat the effects of the same enzyme DTH in hair loss. As with propecia and proscar administering the doses indicated. Saw palmetto doses indicated in his starts giving satisfactory results after 12 weeks of continuous use, while propecia and proscar require at least 5 months to feel the relief and symptoms. Saw palmetto inhibits DTH 3 ways: blocking the formation of DHT formation inhibiting DHT receptor cells of the prostate and DHT by blocking the arrival of the cell nucleus.

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