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Adjuvant in support and regulation of the immune system in all cases of solid neoplasms

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interleukin 1 17 CH and 10 CH; Interleukin2 12 CH and 10 CH; tumor necrosis factor alpha 17 CH and 10 CH; Specific Nucleic Acid SNA-ARTH 16 CH and 10 CH; Specific Nucleic Acid SNA-HLA I 16 CH and 10 CH; SNA-HLA II Specific Nucleic Acid 16 CH and 10 CH. Excipients: lactose, sucrose.

4 doses per day during the acute phase to be distributed during the day upon awakening and at 4 in the afternoon, sublingually, respecting the increasing order of the numbering; then 1 dose per day. Open the capsule and pour the contents under the tongue. The gelatin capsules containing the granules should not be swallowed.

Do not swallow the capsules whole. Microimmunotherapy drugs are sequential drugs and the capsules are numbered: this means that they have a different composition for each capsule, in order to better respect the cytokine cascade of the immune reaction that the drug targets. You must follow the numbering when taking the medicine, starting from capsule number 1 to capsule number 10. When you finish the first strip, start the second strip, starting again from capsule number 1.

Do not take with meals and/or concomitantly with coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol or mint.

Package of 30 capsules, presented in three blister packs of 10 capsules each. The capsules, in color tones, are numbered from 1 to 10.

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