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Alkaline Care pHlush 15 envelopes

pHIush is a combination of magnesium oxide, vitamin C, sodium carbonate and other ingredients which act as a natural laxative, leaving the stomach and intestines alkalized and uncongested.

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- It is an excellent cleaner for your digestive system organs, improving their vitality and funcionamientor It is designed to increase the alkalinity of the body and remove the mucous plaque that accumulates in the intestine due to an acidifying diet.

- Why and how pHlush components (magnesium, vitamin C, ginger, marshmallow root, etc.) help to eliminate toxins and has a cleansing effect of the colon?
Magnesium and Vitamin C are related to energy production processes. Ginger helps digestion, marshmallow root improves peristalsis of the colon and Magnesium Oxide acts both in the small intestine and in the large, helping to break and make smaller undigested proteins and the mucosa. This formulation, together, helps to maintain healthy gastrointestinal system and improving physical well-being.
- How long is recommended to take the pHlush ?, how many days?
Normally adults should make a clean bowel 3 to 4 times a year. A cleaning hard intestines about 1 week (2 to 10 days), depends on the state of health of the person. Therefore it is on each case. Cleaning cure or 2 days is also effective. If the customer wants to make a cure of more than 1 week, you need to consult a health care professional.
Important note: The cleaning of intestines has a laxative effect, which means that toxins are eliminated. If the laxative effect lasts more than 2 or 3 days, the customer must stop cleaning.
How do I take it?
Take 1 to 3 envelopes (4,25-12,75g) a day, diluted in a glass of water (250ml) for 5-7 days to clean the digestive system. Take 1 to 3 depending on the effect.
It can be taken daily to facilitate intestinal transit.
In what cases it is recommended to take the pHlush?
To clean the small and large intestines. In cases of constipation and trouble going to the toilet regularly.

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