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List of products by manufacturer Pranarom

Pranarom is a laboratory for scientific aromatherapy, whose products are either essential oils, or a combination of several or have a relationship with them.

Pranarom works with different product lines related to aromatherapy:
PURE ESSENTIAL OILS: Tangerine, Tea Tree, Lavender, ...
VEGETABLE OILS: used to apply massage using pure essential oils. The most used are the oil of sweet almonds, hypericum, walnut, apricot ...
BASED PRODUCTS ESSENTIAL OILS: AROMAPAR, if lice, Buccarom, dental hygiene, etc.
The most popular lines are:
PranaBB, Allergoforce, Oleocaps, Aromalgic, Aromaderm, AROMAPAR, Buccarom, Aromanoctis, Aromapic, Aromagom, Pranaforce, FémiNaissance, Micro-Algae, Oleogel, Pranadraine, Aromaforce
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In Pranarom catalog you will find the following products:
Pranarom Marjoram, Pranarom Ceylon cinnamon, citronella Pranarom Java, Pranarom Yellow Immortelle, Pranarom Ylang-Ylang, Pranarom Shea Butter, Pranarom argan oil, black cumin oil Pranarom, Pranarom Oleocaps, Pranarom Honey, Pranarom Microalgae, ...
Inter alia