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5 SAISONS Elixir No. 3 yang heart (angelic) (tonic, stimulant) 50 ml

Elixir Energetica No. 3 YANG OF THE HEART Angeles (summer) (tonic and stimulant). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of heart and small intestine when tend to insufficient energy. The heart and small intestine belong to...

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Elixir Energetica No. 3 YANG OF THE HEART Angeles (summer) (tonic and stimulant). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of heart and small intestine when tend to insufficient energy. The heart and small intestine belong to the Fire element, in correspondence with the Summer, according to the ERM. MEMBERSHIP: Excerpt from angelic, excipients among which are aromatic lavender ... CONSTITUTION physical: The subject is Asten, quiet, reserved, discreet. The complexion is pale, but blushes easily at the slightest emotion. Hands long, flexible, agile, soft-skinned, pale, clear and cold. Temperament associations: In nature sentimental, very emotional but internalized, introverted, hypersensitive. Often disturbed by the unfortunate events that have repaired more easily because the tendency to pessimism and defeatism. It cares for others and for himself, is capable of humor and change rapidly. It is an idealist who stays in the stadium aspiration, but never give up what the think it is fair or good. It can wait for years to get what they want. When the hand is not for the "kind temperament," we face a double constitution. You may then choose the elixir according to temperament or combine two dominant elixirs. Diseases vacuum energy OF HEART: People who suffer this kind of imbalance are anxious, emotional, timid, quite pale and suffer palpitations. The main disorders that may suffer are: -- Perspiration with minimal effort. -- Palpitations. -- Heart failure. -- Arterial hypotension. -- Cold. -- Anemia. -- Headaches chronic. -- Hypersensitivity. -- Hiperemotividad. -- Anxiety. -- Nostalgia. -- Lanquidez. -- Depression. -- Feeling misunderstanding and lack of love. The empty heart lies with depression caused by a sentimental disappointment, a penalty of love, abandonment or loss of a loved one or even a disappointment regarding an ideal. The heart may fail: heart failure, rhythm disorders, heart slow, hypotension ... The power vacuum chronic heart is manifested in preterm infants with a cardiac malformation. Some mental or neurological symptoms also indicate a gap of energy from the heart: memory loss, syncope, aphasia, amnesia ... Elixir YANG OF ACTION FOR THE HEART: According to the laws of energy and acupuncture, stimulating yang contributes to heart: - Invigorate the heart of energy, strengthen their vitality in the event of weakness energy. - Stimulate the general tone. - Encourage the recovery in transient states of fatigue and improve mood in situations of discouragement. POSOLOGIA: Take 20 drops in the morning and at night, outside meals, in half a glass of water, keeping them instantly in the mouth before swallowing if possible. It may be necessary one second elixir when its constitution is double, or if he wishes to improve some temporary weakness. If we have chosen two elixirs take 10 drops of each, making the same, in the morning and evening. PRESENTATION: Pack of 50 ml. ELIXIR Energy: Discovers his temperament and balance their health through elixirs of Plantar dynamization. The energy elixirs, 100% natural, are made based on extracts from wild plants or organic farming. Their wonderful properties have been strengthened after maceration in three complementary ways. They have been made after a thorough study of plants and their ancient virtues taking into account their energy powers as traditional medicine china. The elixirs energy acting on the bodies through the acupuncture meridians and, thanks to the development process, acting on subtle levels. The combination of china and Western psychology to define ten profiles. Among them you. You can choose which are appropriate and determine the elixir that best suits their personality and their "weaknesses". Each elixir is related to one of the five elements and a station as medicine china, but these correspondences must be taken in a symbolic sense as, for example, an elixir of spring can be taken at any station. Each station elixirs to two: one "yang" and another stimulant "yin" sedative. There are ten elixirs.

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