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5 SAISONS Elixir No 5 yang stomach (camomila) (digestive and tonic) 50 ml

Elixir Energetica No. 5 YANG stomach and pancreas TO CAMOMILA (late summer) (digestive and tonic). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of Stomach and pancreas (related to the spleen) when tend to insufficient energy. The...

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Elixir Energetica No. 5 YANG stomach and pancreas TO CAMOMILA (late summer) (digestive and tonic). This elixir is appropriate for people governed by the meridians of Stomach and pancreas (related to the spleen) when tend to insufficient energy. The spleen and pancreas, like the Stomach, belong to the earth element, linked to the end of summer, according to the ERM. MEMBERSHIP: Extract camomila, excipients among which are aromatic cinnamon ... CONSTITUTION physical: The subject is Asten, soft, slow, relaxed and distracted or, conversely, precise and meticulous. The complexion rather pale, hairless face. Hands short, thick, rechonchas, cold, wet and dry and pale or yellowish. Temperament associations: In an indolent, live without worries. He likes to sleep or wander aimlessly and sometimes has a tendency to be lazy. Negligent and neglected, he preferred to wait for is the time to fix things. Shortly affected by emotions, prefers to listen to others to talk about himself. Complacent and conciliator, willingly let him lead. Have facility to weigh the pros and cons, to handle the subtlety of ideas, the nuances of words. It is good counsel and others entrusted to it easily. When the hand is not for the "kind temperament," we face a double constitution. You may then choose the elixir according to temperament or combine two dominant elixirs. Diseases due to insufficient Energie stomach-pancreas: People who suffer this kind of imbalance are nurtured in a way too sober especially poor dietary protein. They are weak, tired, pale, friolera and slow. These people are more prone to disorders following: - Gastralgias chronic. - Slow digestion. Bad-absorption. - Colitis on the right side. Diarra-stool pasty or non-digested food. Cold-bellied relieved by heat. Hypoglycemia-chronic. Fatigue-members of weighing and hurt; need to be lying. - Edema and sometimes difficult to urinate. - Disorders of the prostate. - Rules absent or late. - Inadequate in estrogen and progesterone. - White chronic losses. - Sterility. - Anomaly of the cervical mucus. - Inadequate in the production of sperm. - Lack of sexual desire in both sexes. Cough-wet. - Asthma with mucus. - Chronic bronchitis. Mycosis-digestive or vaginal. Mycosis-skin and eczema. - Hypothyroidism. - Dismorfia (thinness or obesity). Body-cold and beardless. - Cellulite. - Memory loss, distraction, negligence, recollection, hobbies, melancholy. - Anaemia. - Immune deficiency, lack of white blood cells. - Autoimmune diseases. - Chronic fatigue syndrome. * Beware of chemotherapy: chemotherapy always carries a vacuum of power of the spleen, which should compensate and assist with acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qi Gong. YANG'S ACTION elixir stomach and pancreas: According to the laws of energy and acupuncture, stimulating yang stomach, pancreas and spleen contributes to: - To facilitate digestion if slack or weakness in the assimilation. - Improve the sensations of "belly cold, gases and noise in the stomach. - To stimulate the appetite and the general tone. Combat-states of fatigue transient, indolence and indifference to the thing. POSOLOGIA: Take 20 drops in the morning and at night, outside meals, in half a glass of water, keeping them instantly in the mouth before swallowing if possible. It may be necessary one second elixir when its constitution is double, or if he wishes to improve some temporary weakness. If we have chosen two elixirs take 10 drops of each, making the same, in the morning and evening. PRESENTATION: Pack of 50 ml. ELIXIR Energy: Discovers his temperament and balance their health through elixirs of Plantar dynamization.

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