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OPTIBEN Ojos Secos. REPAIR 20 monodosis

Repairing and protective solution that helps to alleviate eye dryness for a long time.

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The innovative formula of this product protects and moisturizes, as it is enriched with plant extracts that act against symptoms such as the feeling of grit or have a foreign body in the eye. These discomforts are typical of dry eyes and are generated by the low production of tears due to environmental dryness, continued work at the computer or intensive reading, among other factors.

Sodium hyaluronate 0.4% that provides hydration
Ginkgo biloba to improve long-distance visual acuity and relieve fatigue
Cranberries, which protect the ocular mucosa
Fennel, for its repairing action
Centella asiatica, which improves the venous circulation of the retina and reduces irritative processes.

How to use:
It is recommended to put 1-2 drops in each eye whenever needed and can be used chronically.
Both presentations of Optiben Repair are suitable for the whole family, can be used with contact lenses and do not contain preservatives or phosphates.
The bottle has a non-return valve (to avoid contamination) and lasts up to six months once it is opened and the single dose units are 0.5 ml and have a closure system.

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