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Krisalis formula night 30 capsules

Krisalis night formula is a dietary supplement based on melatonin that helps to alleviate the subjective feeling of jetlag (jet lag) and to decrease the time to sleep

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Neolabs DJD has created two exclusive formulas to support day and night cycles Nervous System.

Each contains specific substances that act day and rest cycles improve overnight.

Krisalis night formula
Rest, Repairman, Regenerating
Melatonin helps to ease the subjective sensation of jetlag (jet lag) and to decrease the time required to fall asleep.

Each person can choose which product best fits your needs and consume only Krisalis formula day or Krisalis formula night, but both products are complementary, ie if Krisalis consumed formula day to have vitality throughout the day, you can also take Krisalis formula night to rest better and improve the recovery of the body.
Krisalis can be taken as active supplement (for specific times of energy needs or rest the body) as well as a preventative supplement, ie, can be consumed Krisalis formula day and night, regularly over time to avoid relapses, seasonal changes, plus an additional support where needed.

How to take Krisalis formula night?
Take 1 capsule before bedtime.

International Pharmacy warns:
Food supplements should be taken at daily doses recommended in product labeling, or by prescription from a specialist, these recommendations should not be exceeded.
Food supplements can not replace a balanced diet. A varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables can provide all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) needed.
This product is not designed to be used by pregnant or nursing women, unless stated in the description.
If you are taking any medication, planning any medical or surgical or medical condition have any special procedure, consult your health professional before taking this product or any nutritional supplement.
If you have any questions please email us at or call our phone 934 878 094 (Madrid time)

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