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Quinton Isotonic - Isotonic 30 ampoules

Quinton Isotonic Isotonic 24 Drinkable Ampoules of 10 ml. PREPARATION: Prepared based Drinkable Quinton Hypertonic whose Seawater is 10 meters from the line and 30 meters from the surface (area solar penetration) collected in the areas ...

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Quinton Isotonic Isotonic 24 Drinkable Ampoules of 10 ml. PREPARATION: Prepared based Quinton Hypertonic Bebible whose Seawater is collected at 10 meters from the bottom and 30 meters from the surface (zone of light penetration), in marine areas identified by René Quinton in 1904 The work of the University. Internationale de la Mer (Université de Nice) have demonstrated the importance of this choice, both for safety and for originality, for the purity of the product. Microfiltration cold. Reduced to isotonicity with Aqua Fontana. Packaged in ampules in absolute sterility, Class 100 (European Pharmacopoeia). The Drinkable Quinton Isotonic is prepared in sterile medium without metallic contact, temperature rise, respecting the balance of ocean biocenosis, according to the original protocol physiologist and biologist Rene Quinton. Seawater at all times retains its molecular balance and character of "living environment". COMPOSITION: Aqua Marina Totale, ocean, NATURAL, reduced to isotonicity (9 ‰) with Aqua Fontana, or mineral or medicinal, bacteriologically pure, naturally sterile. PROPERTIES: micromineral qualitatively and proportionally identical to the extracellular fluid (The Domestic Medium) Composition. NATURAL isotonia. By its composition associated effects of weight Pharmacology and infinitesimal, by many of its components. Includes TOTUM of the periodic table of the elements. HELP: EQUILIBRA CELLULAR NUTRITION All respond to the same concept: REGULATOR HOMEOSTASIS. REHIDRATANTE NATURAL (Natural Substitute sera physiological synthesis) CONTRIBUTION THROUGH ION extracellular fluid. FAVORABLE TERRAIN MODIFICATION. CONTRAINDICATIONS: None SIDE EFFECTS: None INCOMPATIBILITY: None

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